The Underwater Centre sees Increase in Bespoke ROV Training Outside Oil & Gas Sector

Well-known for offering bespoke training in commercial diving and ROV operations to a range of clients worldwide, The Underwater Centre has recently noticed a real expansion in their client base for ROV training to companies outside the oil and gas sector.

When Haifa University in Israel purchased a Seaeye Leopard ROV recently, they realised that they needed more knowledge in maintaining and operating the system so they sent four candidates to attend The Underwater Centre’s ROV Pilot Technician Course. Part of the course was delivered in Fort William and part on-site in Israel.

Haifa University aren’t the only academic clients who’ve undertaken ROV training with The Underwater Centre in recent months. Staff from the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT), India, came to The Underwater Centre in early 2017 for a two-week bespoke ROV Operations Course to gain practical operational experience of flying a work class ROV, which will be used in their research work.

Limerick University in the Republic of Ireland also asked The Underwater Centre to create and deliver a tailored ROV Operations Course to equip their academic team with the skills they need to operate and maintain their recently purchased Comanche and smaller observation class ROV. The bespoke training focused on specific operational experience of using the Launch and Recovery System (LARS) and Tether Management System (TMS) on the work class ROV training vessel at the Centre’s Fort William site, and incorporated use of the Centre’s simulator.

The flexibility the Centre offers isn’t limited to course content and duration. Clients can also choose to have their training delivered at their home base if their facilities are suitable. This ensures that the training is even more specifically targeted to their needs and equipment. The Underwater Centre recently travelled to New Zealand for a second time to deliver the three-week ROV Pilot Technician Course to candidates from the Royal New Zealand Navy at their naval base. As the instructor was on hand at their site, he was also able to provide expert advice on the ongoing maintenance of their Seaeye Falcon system.

Steve Ham, Commercial Director at The Underwater Centre says, “With the wide range of organisations now investing in ROV systems we’re pleased that companies see the benefits of training their staff with us – at our site or theirs – to ensure they get the very best out of their ROVs.”

Location: Fort William, UK

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