Phoenix Donates Funding & Advisement to the Catholic University of America School of Engineering Design Project


Phoenix International Holdings, Inc. (Phoenix) and The Catholic University of America join in announcing Phoenix as a sponsor to the School of Engineering for a senior design project at the University.

The $2,000-dollar sponsorship will go towards a mechanical engineering project which entails designing, building and testing a buoyancy engine that can work up to 6000 meters deep. The funds will provide a highly engaging, hands-on learning experience for the seniors that will promote strong problem-solving and teamwork to help them prepare for their future careers. Phoenix Engineers Peter McKibbin and John McCosker will serve as co-advisors to the team working on the project.

Associate Professor for the Catholic University of America, Dr. Jandro Abot, said of the sponsorship, “We are very appreciative to Phoenix International, a global leader in underwater solutions, for supporting both financially and technically, the senior design project in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Catholic University. Further, we are grateful to both Mr. McKibbin and Mr. McCosker for lending their expertise to our team of students on the design and fabrication and testing of the buoyancy engine.”

Patrick Keenan, President of Phoenix added, “Supporting young minds, particularly in the area of engineering, is vital to the future of our industry. To that end we are pleased to not only offer a monetary contribution, but guidance from two of our experienced engineers to mentor our next generation of innovators.”

Location: Washington, DC, USA

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