New Scantrol AHC controller with integrated MRU


Scantrol recently launched an AHC controller with integrated Motion Reference Unit (MRU). The controller, mTRACK, makes it possible to design efficient and affordable Active Heave Compensation (AHC) solutions for all winches and cranes that are used for subsea operations.

"mTRACK contains all the tools needed for adding AHC to any winch or crane. Our strategy is to make AHC more available and mTRACK will be a game changer that makes AHC affordable for all the winches and cranes used for subsea operations. ", says Rolf Hjelmeland, Business Development Manager for Scantrol's AHC solutions.

Short time to operation
An increasing number of vessel owners specify AHC for subsea handling equipment to reduce vessel downtime. It is important for Scantrol to be able to offer flexible and affordable solutions for all winches and cranes.

mTRACK is designed to fit both new and existing winches and cranes. The flexibility of the controller makes it simple to integrate it with any system. The controller includes tools to simplify testing and commissioning. mTRACK has an internal MRU that measures the vessel's movement and uses Scantrol's proven AHC technology to control the winch or cylinder to eliminate vessel motion being transferred to the load. This gives the operator precise control over the load when operating in rough sea conditions.

Affordable AHC solutions
"Our clients have different needs. We are launching two models, mTRACK and mTRACK+, in order for the customer to choose the model that suits the capacity of the system and the requiered compensation level. mTRACK can compensate for up to 4 meter vessel movement, which is within the range where most AHC systems are used", explains Hjelmeland.

This model is based on the thought that the AHC system should be an affordable investment related to the winch or crane. The other model, mTRACK +, can compensate for up to 8 meter vessel motion and comes with an external MRU. In addition to Scantrol's proven AHC control functions, mTRACK includes tools to streamline design, commissioning and operations of the AHC application.

Scantrol is an independent supplier of monitoring and control systems to the modern marine and offshore industries. With an established history for marine, offshore and research vessels, the company is now focusing its expertise on control systems for the buoyant subsea market. Through the development of an Active Heave Compensation System, Scantrol has become an important supplier the Offshore Industry.

Location: Bergen, Norway

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