NETmc Marine are Please to have Received an Order from JFD Global for a VideoTXT Overlay Unit

NETmc Marine are please to have received an order from JFD Global for a VideoTXT overlay unit as part of an ROV system upgrade in its submarine rescue division. Our team gave remote support during the successful integration to the clients satisfaction.

The VideoTXT is a Solid State instant on video text screen writer with selectable font sizes and shades. Supplied in a 1U rack mounted housing, it can have 1, 2, 3 or 4 input channels and data can be input via the keyboard or one off the two serial ports. The serial port is RS232 and is compatible with Taylor Lann input strings.The system can also be provided with our string parser software, running on a computer, this allows the user to create a dedicated serial string from up to four serial strings from other devices; this makes interfacing to complex survey set-ups very easy.

The VideoTXT has a proven record for robust operations and ease of use.

Location: UK

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