Mariscope Launches New Generation of Thrusters to Equip its ROVs

Mariscope Meerestechnik - as it has done since its creation and throughout its history - is taking a new technological step with its own designed thrusters to equips its ROVs.

Among the characteristics that identify these new generation thrusters we can find:
Brushless: this feature, already used in previous versions of Mariscope motors, is maintained in this generation. By not using brushes, these thrusters have a higher efficiency and motor speed:torque ratio, a higher dynamic response and a longer service life with a lower maintenance requirement.

Robust materials: The rugged housings of the new-generation engines are still made of marine aluminum with a black anodized coating, and a sacrificial zinc anode.

Magnetic coupling: this generation of engines incorporates a magnetic coupling system for power transmission from the engine to the propellers, eliminating the drive shafts. This allows to eliminate the shaft seals, converting the motor housing into a totally watertight compartment and eliminating the risk of water ingress due to seal breakage or wear.

Electronic protection: Each motor has a KFU that cuts power to the thruster in case of overloads or blockages,protecting the ROV and the motor from further damage.

Smaller size: The design and characteristics of these motors have allowed to reduce their size, making them more compact.

Increased power: the greater efficiency of this new generation of thrusters allows them to be more powerful, despite their reduced size. For example, the traditional 300 W thrusters present in models such as the FO or the Diavolo increase their power to 400 W.

This is reflected in the Lower maintenance requirements considering that much of the maintenance required by the motors derived from the overhaul and replacement of those moving shaft seals, the maintenance cost of this new generation of motors is significantly reduced. These motors have low maintenance requirements even under the harshest conditions of use. The absence of those high wear parts further improves the robustness of the thrusters against adverse conditions and increases their service life.

Increased efficiency: these motors allow for greater thrust power without an increase in consumption. This translates into greater maneuverability and the vehicle's ability to face adverse and extreme situations, such as high current conditions.

These thrusters come with the lifetime warranty that characterizes the company's products.
This warranty, unique in the market, lasts for the entire lifetime of the products manufactured by Mariscope, with no restrictions on working hours. The only requirement for this benefit to be prolonged over time is that the annual maintenance of the products has to be performed in a timely manner and by personnel authorized by the company.

3 years subsidized maintenance promotion. The launch of these new thrusters is joined by a limited-time, subsidized maintenance promotion.

For equipment purchased within the first 3 months of the official launch of these thrusters (from 05/01/2021 to 07/31/2021), the cost of the ROV´s annual maintenance service will be subsidized for a period of 3 years.
This promotion will apply to the purchase of any of the brand's models (Towed Systems, Peewee, MS2, FO III, Diavolo III, Commander MK II, Flunder, Commander MK III, Chameleon).

Those who purchase equipment during this period will enjoy this benefit for the first 3 annual services, in which they will only have to send their ROV to one of Mariscope's workshops.

This maintenance must be performed in Mariscope's workshops and within the annual periodicity necessary for the maintenance of the lifetime warranty.

Location: Germany

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